Put more dollars in your pocket, not theirs.

You’ve just lost your job. You’re upset and feel like there’s nothing you can do. You can’t change what’s happened and your income stream has just been cut off. You are wondering how you are going to manage and if what you’ve been given is really fair or not. You check into using a lawyer and find out that it’s expensive, time consuming and in the end after legal fees you could be left with even less money.

I have helped many people from minimum wage workers to senior managers collect thousands and thousands more following their termination. Whether you’re from Ontario, Alberta, B.C. or anywhere else across Canada. If you’ve been offered a Severance Package I can assess the offering and work with you to get every possible Severance Pay entitlement.

The company you worked for probably doesn’t understand employment law. They will follow their own flawed termination procedures and you may assume and trust that they must know what they are doing. The company’s who may be in the know often choose to ignore their legal obligations to minimize their cash outlay. The really clever ones will have conditions and claw backs and what might look like a decent deal is designed to give you as little as possible. These ones often don’t even meet the minimum legal requirements.

You don’t ask you don’t get. You need to collect on every single dollar possible while the opportunity is there. I’ll help you to do this quickly and economically whit Severance Pay Ontario. I work with employment law in real companies and real life scenarios. I have dealt with hundreds of terminations.

Take control of your situation quickly and effectively. Let me help you make the best of your circumstance. All you have to gain is more money.

AlysseCalvinSignature Put more dollars in your pocket, not theirs.

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