Finally – The TRUTH about Negotiating a Better Severance Package and Creating Counter-Offers That Are Virtually Impossible For Your Employer To Ignore…

Revealed by the expert some are calling an Employers 'worst nightmare' when it comes to layoffs and terminations

Your Ultimate Guide To Fair Severance Pay

Until now, only a handful of corporate HR insiders and employment law professionals have been allowed to learn these “win smart/win ugly” secrets that practically guarantee you’ll get a better severance package if you've lost your job (even if it’s your first time negotiating). Now, with the astonishing release of this “insider” information, you'll go from an easily 'taken' uninformed & anxious rookie to confident, knowledgeable & respected severance pay negotiator almost immediately!


This comprehensive guide outlines the exact steps you'll use to get $$ hundreds of thousands of dollars with far less stress from employers who would rather keep your hard earned severance pay for themselves!

In this guide you'll learn:

  • Virtually unknown areas of compensation you are legally owed that will add thousands of dollars to your entitled severance
  • Circumstances that automatically increase your payout (no matter how long you’ve been with the company)
  • Critical factors you need to be aware of before you sign a release
  • Core Components you need in order to determine the true value of your severance entitlement
  • Hidden finance strategies that ‘top up’ your net payout and easily add over 20% to your bottom line
  • PLUSHow to detect illegal conditions and ‘clawbacks’ often used by employers that eat away at the value of your severance package over time (What usually happens by the time all is said and done is you walk away not knowing you gave back a chunk of what they promised you)

Here's the response a client received from her employer
when she first tried to negotiate incorrectly arrowright02 before-letter

Negotiation Shut Down & Just Like Many Things In Life, You Don't Get a Second Chance!
(luckily for her she contacted us immediately andwe were still able to get her a better deal


This is the type of response you can expect once you learn how to negotiate a severance package correctly


and this...


How To Negotiate a Fair Severance Package

Is it possible to negotiate with your employer and their lawyers if you have no experience or knowledge in this area?

The answer is yes. But only if you have the right game plan! We help our clients do this every day using our simple but effective 5 step process.

Step 1: Confirming and assessing your situation

Learn what laws and codes you are protected under and a little known factor that always gets you paid even when you aren't covered by law. Understanding the different ways the term ‘severance’ is used and why you may be entitled to severance even if you don't meet any of the legal requirements. The critical difference between notice pay and severance pay, (this minor detail could mean thousands of dollars extra).  You'll also learn how most employers illegally withhold money owed, why they usually get away with it and what you can do to stop it from happening to you.

Step 2: Gathering the Facts

This is where you begin building your air tight case and quantify the exact amount you are owed. How to calculate your paid notice correctly. Other areas of compensation and benefits, your employer may have ‘forgot’ to pay you on.  What to look for in your employment contract.  And understanding how common law applies to your circumstances. Determine the precise payments owed to you: even if your wages vary from pay period to pay period; and then how to verify this amount according to the act or code that applies to them.

Step 3: Putting together an effective counter offer or demand letter

Learn what information needs to be presented to your employer and how, so that you are taken seriously and paid out quickly! How you can Nullify any agreements you may have with the employer that they may try to use to“contract their way out of the law”.  These illegal agreements won’t hold water once you can identify them! Plus! Hidden finance strategies that ‘top up’ your net payout and easily add over 20% to your bottom line.

Step 4: The Results

What to do when you receive a reply from your employer. Whether it be the desired outcome you were looking for or even if a few more adjustments need to be made. How to handle potential obstacles: like your HR contact not replying to any correspondence (this doesn’t mean what you think it might).

Step 5: Confirm Your Position

In our experience, 8 out 10 times this will involve you signing off to receive a significantly increase offer.  So what do you do next?  For the most part, you would take the money and run, right?  Well; there are still a few other details you should know.

After Reading This Guide, You Will Quickly Be Able To:

  • Gain a Clear understanding of your rights and entitlements
  • Identify what mistakes have been made and where severance package has fallen short of the legal minimum requirements (Including: corrected pay, vacation pay, bonus, benefits etc.)
  • Get past the myths and assumptions 99% of people make when they experience job Loss. Despite what you might think you are or aren’t entitled to or what you have heard from other sources.
  • Understand and correctly apply Employment Law and Common Law to your specific situation.
  • Make a counter offer and negotiate your severance pay correctly based on the law and facts surrounding your scenario
  • Know precisely what laws and rules apply in ANY province across Canada
  • Learn if you are federally regulated and which rules apply to you, if you are…
  • How to put together and present your case to get highest award possible; and be paid every dollar from your employer without taking legal action.(works over 80% of the time if applied correctly)

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